The Aim of CCGE

Opportunity and threat: two sides of the same coin, both to be investigated with a sense of responsibility

Genetic engineering is both the most significant opportunity and the greatest threat to humanity. Through the infinite horizons of applications it opens up, some of which already exists, we can, for example, potentially obtain inexhaustible food resources, or reduce – if not eliminate – the threat posed by many of today’s worst diseases.

However, these benefits are not without risks. We could change the world and make it better with the same ease we could create situations and conditions that would make the continuity of human life on our planet difficult or even impossible.

Being aware of opportunities and risks, benefits, and threats is a duty from which our civilization cannot escape. The Competence Center for Genetic Engineering (CCGE) was founded to face this duty.

Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus has had a disruptive impact on the world. The CCGE supported SIDI in the creation of a platform for monitoring the spread of the infection. This tool may be used in the future in the event of new emergencies and pandemics. We are indeed very concerned about the effects of this outbreak on the lives of the population and the world economy, and we think the better tool we have to fight against the panic spread is the right information. We know that this risk is very high.

The question that more and more people are asking is: was the Coronavirus created in a laboratory?


The CCGE is an open project that is financed by private and public supporters who realize the importance of its mission. We believe that a challenge on this scale requires an active global commitment to share a deepen knowledge of this disruptive innovation and also to ensure that the project feeds on the necessary economic resources.

We need everyone’s help to remain independent and authoritative

The stakes are too high for anyone to call out. We ask you to finance us and to spread our mission with your network to support our work guaranteeing its authority and independence. Companies and privates have the opportunity to help us to increase our investigation and research capacity to have a real-world impact. We are fully aware that an economic effort must match an adequate return (how could a company’s CEO justify such an investment to his board of directors?).

We have developed value proposals to promote the awareness and positioning of those who support us.

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