As for other projects of SIDI, we aim to analyze the technological innovations in the field of genetic engineering, with particular attention to CRIPSR / Cas9, to determine the impact that they could have on our lives and our society with a short, medium and long time horizon period.

The model involves the creation of a multisectoral network to analyze technologies related to genetic engineering from several points of view, in addition to the scientific one. This topic has ethical, economic, and social implications that we cannot overlook.

The main feature of the project is the contamination between sectors, disciplines, approaches, skills, and research methods, because precisely at this intersection, the best ideas and more revolutionary projects emerge.

We want to create an efficient monitoring network through the dissemination of transparent information to widespread the awareness of both the negative and positive implications of this technology.


Since February, Sidi has focused its resources on providing innovative tools to combat the devastating impact of Coronavirus on the world. We immediately identified the wrong information as one of the biggest dangers of the Corona Virus. Since the beginning of the infection, especially on the web, we have been overwhelmed by an infinite number of fake news, false myths, and incorrect indications for prevention. For this reason, a few days after the beginning of the infection, we launched the portal intending to create an aggregator of verified information, data, and best practices to prevent the infection. This tool may be used in the future in the event of new emergencies and pandemics.


Even the most efficient health systems of the world are currently collapsing because of the high number of hospitalizations caused by the spread of Coronavirus.

SIDI, in partnership with the start-up HospitHome, has made available the first telemedicine system for remote health monitoring of patients infected by Covid-19, which allows evaluating in real-time the disease course of non-hospitalized Covid-19 positive patients. Thanks to the use of a technological kit, vital parameters are monitored by artificial intelligence and automatically transmitted at least twice a day to the HospitHome operations centers and the family doctors of the patients involved in the program.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a technology that has the potential to make a significant contribution to research. We are developing solutions that allow scientific experts to collaborate remotely thanks to virtual reality and immersive environments. Our goal is not only to bridge distances but also to provide digital and interactive tools that can make collaborations more efficient and faster.